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Father Arrested after Failure to Pay Support

A father of three has found himself behind bars after refusing to pay nearly a quarter million dollars in back child support. 50-year-old Tony Haywood was married to his ex-wife, Renee Ainsworth, for 16 years. After divorcing in 2004, Haywood...

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Steps to Take When Paternity Test Denied

When the status of the biological father of a child is questioned, the most reliable way to determine parentage is with a DNA paternity test. Establishing paternity allows a number of important legal privileges that support the well-being of a...

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Father Arrested after Removing Child From Mom’s Custody

An “armed and dangerous” father has been arrested after kidnapping his 1-year-old daughter in Ranch Segura Cucamonga. An Amber Alert was issued on April 24, 2017, after the child had been forcefully taken from her mother’s custody by her 38-year-old...

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Ex-Wife Fighting Over Concealed Family Fortune

In a UK case that illustrates how divorcing partners might conceal assets, a divorcee has re-opened a lengthy legal battle with her banker ex-husband, claiming he concealed his £1m (approximately $1.3M USD) family fortune. 53-year-old Tina Norman and her ex-husband,...

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How the Court Determines Parental Fitness in California

A lot of issues may come into play when it comes to determining child custody in Los Angeles and how much – if any – time a parent is legally entitled to spend with his or her child. One question...

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Your Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement Could Be Invalid

Few same-sex couples walk down the aisle and say “I do” believing that at some point their vows will be broken. After all, same-sex couples have a lower divorce rate than heterosexual couples, with the average divorce rate being 1.1%....

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