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Melanie Coats
I am so grateful to have found and worked with Michael Whitmarsh during my difficult divorce. Three years ago, I was blindsided by my husband’s choice to leave our marriage. Having spent 20 years with him, I was confident that a divorce attorney was something I would never need. Then, after a 6 month separation, I was served papers on my front porch, and realized I needed a lawyer, fast. I had no idea how to begin the daunting process of finding an attorney, so I started asking everyone I knew for referrals. I got a lot of names, making the process even more overwhelming. I dialed a lot of numbers and spoke to a lot of secretaries, and a even a few attorneys. Some of them were nice, some of them were not. Some wanted a fee before they would even speak to me. Some wanted to tell me what I should do with my life. Some wanted to discourage me from fighting for what I believed were my rights and some wanted to sell me pipe dreams. Michael was immediately different. He listened for a long time, somehow following along, and even remembering the mundane details as the conversation continued. He didn’t negate my feelings, but also didn’t sugar coat reality. He told me how he thought I should proceed, but never made me feel like there was only one way. He didn’t pretend he knew what the outcome would be, but he assured me that he would create a plan for every possible scenario, and he did. It was extremely refreshing. I trusted him from that first conversation, and I am so grateful that I did. My divorce ended up taking 3 years and several turns, from fairly amicable, to extremely contentious. Michael guided me every step of the way. When my ex and I were still on respectable terms, he would give me great advice, and then encourage me to find peaceful solutions outside of the courts and our respective attorneys, which gave me the tools to make decisions from a less emotional place. Later, when I was accepted to graduate school out of state and wanted to move away with my kids, it became clear that we could not avoid going to court, and he was just as good at fighting for me and being my advocate. He’s extremely bright and detail oriented, and picked up on little things that ended up making a huge difference in my case. His background in law enforcement was evident during our depositions, and his expertise in a trial setting was evident at our many hearings. He was there with me every step of the way, from choosing the custody evaluator, to simply listening when I needed to vent. Now that I’ve been through this process, I’ve come to realize that a family law attorney, especially one that deals with the messy business of divorce, often takes on more than simply giving legal advice. They walk a line between confidant, attorney, advisor and counselor. Michael walks this line with professionalism and ease. He clearly cares about his clients, wants the best possible outcome for them, and has the skills to obtain it. He did that for me, and in a few days, I will be moving with my kids to attend grad school and begin a new life. I couldn’t have done this without his help and I will forever be grateful for the role he played at this difficult time in my life.
Steven O
We had multiple cases to face while Michael was representing me, and we literally won all of them. He maintained good communication an always worked with me when it came to money. Not once did he stress me about paying him etc. He fought for my daughter and I, and I could not thank him enough. It was a very stressful situation for many reasons, and having Michael represent me made me feel at ease, ESPECIALLY after the first hearing and seeing how well he prepped etc. We went up against a “high rated” attorney etc with a great amount of experience, and it looked like Michael was the one with decades of experience and confidence. I highly recommend Michael! Thank you all from Michael to his amazing office staff! This year battle has finally concluded because of a job well done!
Kerry Crivello
I cannot speak highly enough of Whitmarsh Family Law. Michael has continuously gone above and beyond to provide the best service for me. When I first retained Michael as my attorney I was in a really tough spot and needed some legal help on an extremely tight timeline. He was able to make time for me right away and I was in his office preparing paperwork and within a couple hours of contacting him. He continued to work on my case well into the evening to make sure that everything was done correctly and ready to be filed with the court in the morning. He walked me through the process step by step and made sure I understood and was comfortable with each decision. He has continued to provide this level of service for almost 2 years now as my case continues to progress. He promptly responds to any emails or calls and is very good about checking in with me from time to time to make sure I don’t have any questions or need anything. From his work it is obvious the amount of care and attention he puts into everything he does. I have been impressed with his skills when arguing in court, his writing skills, and his overall ability to see the big picture of a case and formulate a long term strategy that best serves me. He spent several long days in the courtroom with me on my case and having him arguing my side made me feel comfortable and certain that I was going to get the best possible result.
Nick Bontempo
Michael was fantastic to work with. he made the entire process quick and easy without any hassles for fuss. i can't say enough good things about him and the team he works with. thanks so much for all the hard work and resolving things amazing fast.
Sami Osman
Michael and his team are exemplary professionals. Michael listens intently to his client's needs, and acts with compassion and sincerity. Michael delivers practical, no-nonsense advice. He is very good at what he does, and has a great team around him. They will take care of you.