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Skilled Spousal Support Attorney In Pasadena, California

Skilled Spousal Support Attorney In Pasadena, CA

At WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, our skilled Pasadena, California spousal support attorney designs unique legal solutions for individual clients, as our experience proves that some family law cases are more complex than others.

Our Los Angeles County and Pasadena spousal support attorney consistently seeks positive results for our clients who are entitled to spousal support from their ex-spouses after the two have parted ways. With new changes in how spousal support is taxed, as outlined in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, major changes have already been instituted in the State of California, beginning on the first day of 2019.

How Does The New Spousal Support Law Affect My Divorce In Pasadena, California?

Before the new spousal support law went into effect on January 1, 2019, Pasadena, California couples who finalized their divorce before that date were left with the same spousal support taxation, which stated the payer could count the payments as a tax-deductible expense while the recipient counted the payments as income.

The new law, affecting divorces that were or are finalized after that date, no longer allow the payer to deduct the payments an expense. And the recipient no longer has to claim the payment as income, which works in the latter’s favor tremendously.

How Can WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW Help Design An Intelligent Pasadena, California Spousal Support Arrangement That Benefits Me?

Whether you are the payer or the recipient, the guidelines dictated by the California Courts in both temporary and permanent spousal support payment arrangements, and can include the receiving spouse’s:

  • Marketable skills, and the current job market for those skills
  • Time and expenses necessary to obtain the education and/or skills to support him or herself
  • Overall earning capacity that was impaired from being the primary caregiver in the home

These measurements are tangible and are weighed heavily when the court’s decision to award spousal support is considered. However, it is our Pasadena spousal support law firm’s responsibility to ensure that our Pasadena, California spousal support clients benefit from our experience when we design our cases so that their financial interests — and the amount of time they need spousal support — is not undermined by the opposing spouse and their divorce attorney.

Learn How WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW Can Get The Spousal Support Settlement You Deserve After A Pasadena, California Divorce

If you do not have a prenuptial agreement in place that states your voluntary spousal support agreement be upheld should a divorce occur, our Pasadena, California spousal support attorney can help you pursue the financial outcome you are entitled to. Contact us today by calling WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW at (310) 552-3505 to schedule a free consultation with our Pasadena spousal support attorney and learn more about what your post-divorce financial life will look like, so you can plan accordingly.

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