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In Need of a Family Law Lawyer?

Skilled Family Law Attorney in Northridge, CA

Getting through a divorce or other family-related legal matters in Northridge, CA, can be a complex and emotionally taxing experience. At WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC, we acknowledge the challenges, both emotionally and legally, that you may encounter during this trying period. Our team of devoted family law attorneys in Northridge, CA, is dedicated to offering empathetic assistance and skilled legal representation.

We recognize the gravity of the legal choices you are making and the lasting impact they can have on you and your family. Rely on us to assist you through the twists and turns of California family law, providing personalized attention and drawing from our extensive experience. Your peace of mind and the well-being of your family remain central to our legal advocacy.

Family Law in Northridge

Our Northridge Practice Areas

In our Northridge family law practice, we cover a range of areas to address your specific needs, including:

  • Child custody: Prioritizing the best interests of your children by employing effective legal strategies tailored to your unique situation.
  • Child support: Offering expertise in determining and getting fair and just child support arrangements that cater to the needs of your children.
  • Divorce: We provide comprehensive assistance throughout divorce proceedings. Our Northridge attorneys will also guide you through each step with clarity and dedication.
  • Marriage dissolution: You will get experienced support in the legal processes surrounding the dissolution of marriage. We work to secure a smooth and fair resolution.
  • Domestic violence & abuse: We advocate for and legally protect those facing challenges related to domestic violence. Your safety and well-being is our priority.
  • Father’s rights: Fathers seeking fair and equitable rights in family law matters will get dedicated and passionate representation.
  • Grandparent’s rights: Our attorneys work on protecting the rights of grandparents and facilitating meaningful relationships with their grandchildren.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Assisting couples in drafting fair and enforceable prenuptial agreements to protect their interests.

When Family Law Cases Involve Children

In cases involving children within Family Law in California, the courts prioritize establishing comprehensive parenting plans covering child support, child custody (conservatorship), and visitation rights. At WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC, our services address various aspects related to child custody and support in Northridge, CA, including:

  • Visitation: Recognizing the significance of nurturing meaningful relationships between parents and children, our attorneys diligently craft visitation arrangements. These arrangements are designed to serve the best interests of the child while respecting the rights of both parents.
  • Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR): In legal matters concerning the parent-child relationship, our experienced legal team adeptly manages the complexities of SAPCR cases. We ensure that the legal rights and responsibilities of all parties involved are thoroughly addressed.
  • Child Support: Acknowledging the financial aspect of caring for children, our attorneys play a crucial role in determining fair and equitable child support arrangements. We take into account the financial responsibilities of both parents, aiming for arrangements that are just and in the best interests of the child.

What to Expect from a Family Law Attorney in Northridge, CA

When confronted with family law issues in Northridge, CA, the decision to engage a family law attorney becomes pivotal. At WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC, we aim to ensure you have a clear understanding of the expectations when selecting us for representation.

  • Advocacy for your interests – Your attorney acts as a dedicated advocate, tirelessly protecting your interests during the legal proceedings. This safeguarding is particularly crucial in cases where unexpected challenges and contingencies may emerge.
  • Expert legal counsel – Whether your case is complex or seemingly amicable, the presence of a knowledgeable family law attorney is indispensable. We offer seasoned advice on your available options and meticulously scrutinize proposed settlement agreements to ensure they not only preserve your interests but also align with your case objectives.
  • Efficient case resolution – Our primary goal is to facilitate a prompt resolution to your case while unwaveringly upholding your rights. We strive to streamline the legal process and ensure a swift conclusion to your case while prioritizing your overall well-being.
  • Preventing oversight – Even well-intentioned agreements can harbor errors or omissions. Our role is to identify and rectify potential oversights, such as the exclusion of marital assets. This could prove challenging and costly to address after the case reaches its conclusion.

Our dedicated family law attorneys in Northridge, CA, are unwaveringly committed to providing you with the guidance and protection essential for navigating legal challenges. Trust our team to adeptly manage the challenges and allow you to focus on progressing forward with your life.

Get the Help You Need Today

Seeking family law legal counsel in Northridge, CA? Reach out to us today for expert guidance and support by calling (310) 552-3505. WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC is ready to handle your family law concerns with care and professionalism, providing the assistance you need.

Directions to to our Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys From Northridge, CA

These directions are from Google Maps starting from:

Northridge, CA
Total Est. Time: 29 min
Total Est. Distance: 20.4 mi

  • Get on I-405 S from Nordhoff St
  • Head north on Etiwanda Ave/W University Dr toward Prairie St
  • Turn left onto Prairie St
  • Turn left onto Reseda Blvd
  • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Nordhoff St
  • Turn right to merge onto I-405 S
  • Follow I-405 S to CA-2 E/Santa Monica Blvd. Take exit 55A from I-405 S
  • Merge onto I-405 S
  • Use the 2nd from the right lane to take exit 55A for CA-2/Santa Monica Blvd
  • Continue on CA-2 E/Santa Monica Blvd. Drive to Avenue of the Stars
  • Turn left onto CA-2 E/Santa Monica Blvd
  • Turn right onto Century Park W
  • Turn left onto Constellation Blvd
  • Turn left onto Avenue of the Stars


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