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Family Lawyer in Van Nuys, CA

Located in the San Fernando Valley in California, Van Nuys is a neighborhood that was named after town developer Isaac Newton Van Nuys. Founded in 1911, the area flourished after the completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the population began to grow.

Van Nuys enjoys a moderately diverse ethnic population with well over 100,000 individuals living within its borders. Some of the most notable past and current residents of the city include Marilyn Monroe, Gwent Stefani, and Don Drysdale.

Battery and Domestic Violence in California

The battery is a term used to describe any unlawful and willful use of violence or force upon someone else. When it is committed against a spouse, someone the abuser is in an intimate relationship with has a child with or a current or former cohabitant, it is described as “domestic violence”.

Domestic violence is a prevalent problem in every state, but statistically speaking it is more common in California than many others. As many as one in four women have been a victim of domestic violence or stalking in California with a National Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Survey revealing that 32.9% of women in California have, at some point, been a victim of stalking, violence, or sexual violence.

What to Do in an Abusive Situation

The state of California allows any victim of domestic violence to apply for an emergency protective order and/or restraining order in both criminal and civil court.

Contrary to common belief, the issuance of a protective order does not rely on whether or not the victim has suffered any physical harm. Anyone who fears that they may be harmed or who has suffered from sexual and/or emotional abuse may still qualify for a protective order.

A victim may press charges against the abuser. At this point, the abuser may be arrested and criminally prosecuted, which can lead to penalties such as a fine, imprisonment in county jail, or imprisonment for up to four years in a state facility.

Suing for Monetary Damages

Victims of violent crimes are often left with significant physical and psychological damage. At WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW we helped victims of domestic violence successfully obtain compensation for the trauma they have experienced.

One of our compassionate domestic violence attorneys will manage the entire legal process during what can be a lengthy and emotionally exhausting time. If you have been a victim of domestic violence, speak with us today at (310) 552-3505.

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Directions to our Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys From Van Nuys, CA

These directions are from Google Maps starting from:

Van Nuys, CA

Total Est. Time: 22 mins

Total Est. Distance: 14.8 mi

  1. Head west on Haynes St toward Cedros Ave
  2. Turn left onto Cedros Ave
  3. Turn right onto Victory Blvd
  4. Turn right onto Haskell Ave
  5. Turn right to merge onto I-405 S
  6. Merge onto I-405 S
  7. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 55A toward CA-2/Santa Monica Blvd
  8. Turn left onto CA-2 E/Santa Monica Blvd
  9. Turn right onto Century Park W
  10. Turn left onto Constellation Blvd
  11. Turn left onto Avenue of the Stars
  12. Destination will be on the right

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