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In situations where parents are not together, such as single parents or divorce scenarios, one parent may be ordered to make a monthly financial payment to help cover the cost of the minor child. This payment is known as child support, and remains a key facet of family law.

These payments are meant to cover key expenses for children, including those related to clothing, food, and shelter, up until the child turns 18. However, child support payments can also include funds to cover additional costs, such as those related to education – private school, tutors, etc. – as well as travel expenses to cover transporting the child between parents.

Who Receives Child Support Payments?

Typically, the parent that spends the most amount of time with the child – often referred to as a custodial parent – is the one who receives child support payments. This is mostly due to existing law, which assumes that custodial parents spend money directly on the child.

Although it is typically the non-custodial parent who makes child support payments, a court can order both parents to make support payments. It is important to note that this depends on the situation.

How Is Child Support Determined?

In order to determine child support, the state of California has established guidelines – a calculator of sorts – that examine a number of factors. In addition to considering both parents’ incomes, state law takes into account:

  • The number of children in need of support payments
  • The existing time-sharing arrangement
  • Tax liabilities for both parents
  • Whether or not a parent pays child support for children from a previous relationship
  • Health insurance expenses for the child
  • Any mandatory financial contributions by the parents
  • Job-related expenses
  • Other relevant costs

Relevant costs can include those related to healthcare, including vision and dental, as well as child care costs necessary to advance the parents’ education, employment or training.

Although child support payments are typically established and ordered by a judge, it is possible for parents to come to a support agreement without an official court order. However, any court ordered support is calculated using the same calculations outlined by state statutes.

Can Child Support Be Amended?

Even if a child support order is already in place, it does not necessarily mean that it is set in stone. In certain Los Angeles child support cases, including those where the ordered support falls below the legal guidelines, a parent may petition for a modification.

A modification may also be granted in Los Angeles child support cases where there is a significant change in time-sharing or financial circumstances. For example, support payments typically go up when a parent’s percentage of time-sharing goes down.

It is also possible to petition for a modification in the event of unemployment, or in situations where they are newly required to support another child.

If you or someone you love are dealing with child support issues in Los Angeles, CA, including establishing, modifying or enforcing a support order, it is in your best interest to enlist the legal guidance of a skilled child support attorney Los Angeles, CA.

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