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Steps to Take When Paternity Test Denied

July 20, 2017, In Family Law

When the status of the biological father of a child is questioned, the most reliable way to determine parentage is with a DNA paternity test. Establishing paternity allows a number of important legal privileges that support the well-being of a child, including the right to health and life insurance coverage from a parent, the right to inheritance, and access to their family history.

  • But what if you are a mother and the man you suspect is the biological father of the child refuses to take the test?
  • What if you are not listed as the father on the birth certificate and the mother will not give permission for the child to be tested?

Five Steps When Paternity Test Denied

1. Stay calm about the situation: Be level-headed and logical in your approach. This way you will be able to calmly discuss the importance of establishing paternity and you may be able to forgo the need for legal intervention

2. Ask why they do not want to test: Get to the bottom of why they do not want themselves or the child to take the test. When you understand the reasoning behind the refusal, you will be able to start thinking of ways to reason with them to take the test

3. Tell them why you want the test: Explain the legal, financial and emotional benefits to having the paternity test done. If a man is found to not be the biological father of the child, it is still important that the test is taken so that the child can try to discover and form a relationship with his or her true biological father

4. Discuss what may happen after the test: A paternity test can be daunting for all parties as it can change child support orders, custody arrangements, and relationships. Have an honest discussion about what you both think may happen once you have the DNA test results

5. Learn about your parental rights: WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC specializes in divorce law and regularly handles paternity cases in California. We are dedicated to helping families in the Los Angeles area determine what their options are when it comes to establishing paternity and how they should proceed

Our Los Angeles paternity lawyers will guide you through every step of the process, including court-ordered testing. Learn about your legal options in a free consultation with WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC at (310) 552-3505.

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