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Will the California Family Courts Separate Siblings During Child Custody Disputes?

December 15, 2023, In Child Custody

Our Los Angeles family law attorney at WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC, knows that when our clients pursue a California divorce, the overriding concern is the kids’ best interests. This is good news because the family court judge feels the same. When it comes to where the kids will live, in most cases, the court believes keeping brothers and sisters together is the ideal choice.

Our Los Angeles County child custody attorneys know children are incredibly vulnerable during a divorce, and most judges are hesitant to do anything that may increase their stress and anxiety.

While possible, the court will not separate siblings unless extenuating circumstances exist.

However, in these situations, it falls to the parents to present a convincing argument that this truly represents the best interest of the children in question.

If splitting the children between two households is presented, the court considers various factors when determining child custody arrangements, and the goal is to create a stable and supportive environment for the children.

What Factors Are Considered When Separating Siblings During a California Divorce?

Siblings Separation

The court assesses the strength of the bond between siblings and recognizes the importance of maintaining sibling relationships whenever possible. The age and developmental needs of each child are also taken into account. Younger children may have different needs than older siblings, and the court aims to address those needs appropriately.

The court evaluates the parent’s relationship with the children and considers the ability of each parent to provide a stable and nurturing environment.

The judge may consider the geographic proximity of the parents’ residences when making custody decisions to keep siblings near to facilitate visitation and maintain relationships and the stability and continuity of the children’s living arrangements, school, and social environments.

If there is a history of domestic violence or abuse, the court takes this into serious consideration when determining custody arrangements to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

While the preference is generally to keep siblings together, there may be situations where separating siblings is deemed necessary for the well-being of one or more of the children. Each case is unique, and the court carefully considers all relevant factors before deciding.

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