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Do I Need to Pay Child Support if We Split Custody Equally?

February 15, 2023, In Child Support

At WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC, our Los Angeles family law attorney knows countless changes come with getting divorced in California, no matter your family dynamics or dissolution circumstances.

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety levels increase when parents share minor children, and child custody becomes a factor during the proceedings. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the one common recommendation that is presented by all California family courts is that both parents remain equally involved in their children’s lives after a divorce.

In some cases, equal custody is simply not an option. When this is true, one parent may receive primary custody of the children, while the other has specific visitation days. In others, parents can share 50/50 custody, or something very near it, which leads to a common question: Will one parent still be responsible for paying child support?

Our Los Angeles County child custody attorneys have answers.

Child Support is Decided By Multiple Factors in California

In California, multiple factors determine how much child support one parent must pay after a divorce.

The California child custody calculator is a helpful tool that can help estimate the amount of child support one parent may pay, which includes factors like:

  • The number of minor children the parents share.
  • Each parent’s income.
  • Tax deductions, public assistance, and health insurance.
  • Extenuating circumstances, including when a child’s special needs require ongoing medical care.

How much time the children spend with each parent is a major factor when determining child support in California. If both parents split custody of their children 50/50, and have approximately the same income, neither parent may be required to pay child support.

However, if one parent’s income is double or more than what the other parent makes, the higher-earning parent may be required to pay child support in California, even when the parents share custody.

Do You Have Questions About California Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support?

If you have questions about your divorce, and which parent may be responsible for paying child support, contact our skilled child custody attorneys in Los Angeles at WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC by calling (310) 552-3505 to schedule a free consultation today. We can help provide solutions that produce results.

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