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Jolie Showing Importance of Amicable Divorce

May 5, 2017, In Family Law

The divorce involving power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (with the couple commonly being referred to as “Brangelina”) shocked everyone, and how they are dealing with the divorce continues to surprise the world. While verbal shots were fired between the divorcing couple initially, both have been almost silent about the dissolution of their marriage since.

Until last month.

While in Cambodia promoting her latest film, Jolie was asked pointed questions about her pending divorce. Her response was not what most expected it to be.

An Example of How to Respond During a Divorce

Jolie’s response to a question asked by Yalda Hakim of the BBC was respectful and kind, with Jolie notably becoming sad and emotional while answering Hakim’s questions.

Jolie stated that they are a family and that they will always be a family. She continued to say that they will get through this period of time and that she hopes they will be a “stronger family” after the divorce. The actress also recognized that the children are “our children” and said that she somehow hopes that this process makes each one of them “stronger and closer.”

How to Have an Amicable Divorce

A rising trend in today’s world is something known as the “amicable divorce”. This is when divorced couples continue to treat one another with mutual respect and care.

For some couples, having an amicable divorce is easier than other couples. Depending on the individuals involved and the issues which have prompted the divorce, some couples may be able to enter into a divorce with very little legal intervention and continue to easily carry on as a family.

In many situations, however, having an amicable divorce is easier said than done.

The Importance of Legal Intervention

A therapist and a good friend are considered to be amongst the best ways to “deal” with a divorce. But having a good divorce attorney of your own is another good way to learn about how you should proceed with a divorce.

A divorce attorney in Los Angeles can provide you with all of the legal guidance you need, from your rights to assets to child custody and visitation. But do not forget that divorce attorneys have also counseled many other couples through their own divorces. We have a unique insight into what may work and what may not during a divorce, from both a legal and personal standpoint.

WHITMARSH FAMILY LAW, PC helps couples resolve their differences and protect their families in the Los Angeles area. If you are facing or are in the midst of a divorce, we can help. Call us today at (310) 552-3505 to arrange for your free consultation.

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