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Ex-Wife Fighting Over Concealed Family Fortune

By Michael Whitmarsh |

In a UK case that illustrates how divorcing partners might conceal assets, a divorcee has re-opened a lengthy legal battle with her banker ex-husband, claiming he concealed his £1m (approximately $1.3M USD) family fortune. 53-year-old Tina Norman and her ex-husband, Robert Ellis Norman, first met while attending Southampton University in the 1980s. The two… Read More »

How the Court Determines Parental Fitness in California

By Michael Whitmarsh |

A lot of issues may come into play when it comes to determining child custody in Los Angeles and how much – if any – time a parent is legally entitled to spend with his or her child. One question which may arise is just how “fit” one or both parents are to be… Read More »

Your Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement Could Be Invalid

By Michael Whitmarsh |

Few same-sex couples walk down the aisle and say “I do” believing that at some point their vows will be broken. After all, same-sex couples have a lower divorce rate than heterosexual couples, with the average divorce rate being 1.1%. With that said, same sex divorces obviously do happen, which is why a growing… Read More »

Jolie Showing Importance of Amicable Divorce

By Michael Whitmarsh |

The divorce involving power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (with the couple commonly being referred to as “Brangelina”) shocked everyone, and how they are dealing with the divorce continues to surprise the world. While verbal shots were fired between the divorcing couple initially, both have been almost silent about the dissolution of their… Read More »

Top 5 FAQs about Family Law

By Michael Whitmarsh |

Family law deals with issues that arise out of marriage, domestic partnerships, and civil unions. There is a lot of confusion about what family law is and how it can benefit couples and their families, which is why we are answering these top 5 frequently asked questions about it today. 1. What Is Family… Read More »

California Man Receives Five-Year Sentence in Domestic Violence Case

By Michael Whitmarsh |

Earlier this month, a California judge handed down a five-year sentence for a man who stood accused of domestic violence. The defendant, who offered pleas of no contest to charges including felony domestic violence and felony criminal threats, in addition to a number of misdemeanor domestic violence counts, was also charged with violating an… Read More »

Man Continues Protesting Child Support Order After DNA Test Confirmed Child Was Not His

By Michael Whitmarsh |

In 1998, Willie Shorter had a DNA test to determine paternity on his young child. The lab conducting the test returned results that, with a 99.8 percent certainty, Shorter was not the child’s biological father. Nearly two decades later, Shorter says he is still being forced to pay child support for the child, despite… Read More »

Prenuptial Agreements: A Trend Towards Financial Independence

By Michael Whitmarsh |

For a long time many people considered prenuptial agreements for only those who have a large fortune or potential inheritance. In addition to this, they were generally written to protect the male party to the marriage. Recently, however, the trends have been changing. Prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular with younger generations, women, and… Read More »

Paternity and Parentage Basics in California

By Michael Whitmarsh |

Most people think about paternity in the context of paternity tests to determine who is the father of a child. While this is one aspect of paternity, parentage arises in other scenarios as well. For example, it is common for an individual to desire to be deemed a parent of the child and to… Read More »

Man Forced to Obey Child Support Order Despite Failed Paternity Test

By Michael Whitmarsh |

A man residing in Colorado has been ruled legally responsible for more than $700 in monthly child support fees, despite failed paternity tests more than four years ago. The man, Chris Atkins, discovered that his now 15-year-old daughter was not biologically his more than four years ago, after a DNA test brought on by… Read More »

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