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Paternity and Parentage Basics in California

Most people think about paternity in the context of paternity tests to determine who is the father of a child. While this is one aspect of paternity, parentage arises in other scenarios as well. For example, it is common for...

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Man Forced to Obey Child Support Order Despite Failed Paternity Test

A man residing in Colorado has been ruled legally responsible for more than $700 in monthly child support fees, despite failed paternity tests more than four years ago. The man, Chris Atkins, discovered that his now 15-year-old daughter was not...

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California Man Sentenced to Jail After Failing to Pay $139K in Child Support

Last month, a Monterey County Superior Court handed down a six-month jail sentence for a California man with more than $139,000 in unpaid child support. According to the Monterey County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), the sentence came as...

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Thousands of Children in the Primary Custody of Their Abuser

The Center of Judicial Excellence (CJE), a California-based watchdog with a keen eye on family courts, has found that far too many children are being left in the primary custody of their abusers. Recent research conducted by the organization found...

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$9.9M Mansion Sale Highlights Importance of Same-Sex Prenups

In November of 2016, a video of Ellen DeGeneres received the Presidential Medal of Freedom went viral. The video, showing the comedian in tears, celebrated DeGeneres’ courage in coming out as a gay female almost two decades ago. But that...

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Man Finds Stepson Dead in Closet in Case of Alleged Domestic Abuse

Three years ago, a boy’s mother told her husband that she had sent her autistic son to an institution in Mexico. Recently, however, the boy’s stepfather learned the disturbing truth when his wife led him to a closet in their...

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