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California Man Receives Five-Year Sentence in Domestic Violence Case

Earlier this month, a California judge handed down a five-year sentence for a man who stood accused of domestic violence. The defendant, who offered pleas of no contest to charges including felony domestic violence and felony criminal threats, in addition...

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Man Continues Protesting Child Support Order After DNA Test Confirmed Child Was Not His

In 1998, Willie Shorter had a DNA test to determine paternity on his young child. The lab conducting the test returned results that, with a 99.8 percent certainty, Shorter was not the child’s biological father. Nearly two decades later, Shorter...

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Prenuptial Agreements: A Trend Towards Financial Independence

For a long time many people considered prenuptial agreements for only those who have a large fortune or potential inheritance. In addition to this, they were generally written to protect the male party to the marriage. Recently, however, the trends...

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Paternity and Parentage Basics in California

Most people think about paternity in the context of paternity tests to determine who is the father of a child. While this is one aspect of paternity, parentage arises in other scenarios as well. For example, it is common for...

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Man Forced to Obey Child Support Order Despite Failed Paternity Test

A man residing in Colorado has been ruled legally responsible for more than $700 in monthly child support fees, despite failed paternity tests more than four years ago. The man, Chris Atkins, discovered that his now 15-year-old daughter was not...

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California Man Sentenced to Jail After Failing to Pay $139K in Child Support

Last month, a Monterey County Superior Court handed down a six-month jail sentence for a California man with more than $139,000 in unpaid child support. According to the Monterey County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), the sentence came as...

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